Streeter Group, Inc., Architecture, Structural Engineering

About Us:

Streeter Group Inc. is a high quality, full-service Structural Engineering and Architectural firm. Our in-house ability to provide both Architectural and Structural Engineering services is a great asset to our clients. We are able to flawlessly merge the two most important aspects of any construction project, combining architectural integrity with solid structural solutions. SGI works on a wide range of Residential and Commercial projects. Our residential projects include custom homes, multi-family housing, condominiums, remodels and additions. Our commercial projects include retail, storage facilities, industrial warehouses, schools and amusement parks. We are situated in Soquel, California, and service clientele throughout the greater Central California Coast, including Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Monterey counties. Our loyal clientele are developers, architects and designers, contractors and homeowners. We treat each with the same dedication, offering our services with a commitment to value and design excellence.


Brad Streeter, Principal Engineer
Brad graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He holds Civil and Structural Engineering licenses in several states. Brad founded the Streeter Group with broad engineering knowledge, and a commitment to providing unsurpassed excellence in engineering services. His wide spectrum of talents with over twenty years of experience has culminated in a vast array of projects. He has designed commercial, residential, municipal, industrial, educational and recreational facilities. His strong belief in efficient and cost effective design has lead to the completion of hundreds of unique and challenging projects. Brad is responsible for managing the engineering staff, maintaining in-house quality control and ensuring the Streeter Group’s strong reputation for quality. Brad's commitment to business and community continues to thrive as is evident in his contributions to a multitude of successful projects.

Karen Streeter, Principal Architect
Karen is a licensed Architect and co-founder of the Streeter Group. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degrees in Environmental Studies and Interior Design from San Jose State University. Karen's passion lies within the design of custom residential homes. Through her innate understanding of architecture and the art of communication, the journey from conceptual ideas to tangible reality, becomes a remarkably smooth transition. These skills are showcased in a multitude of unique private residences throughout the central coast and the Sierras. With over twenty years of Architectural experience, she brings to the company an infectious enthusiasm, inspiring creativity, and strong leadership
Hugh Zike, AIA Architect and Associate Engineer
Hugh graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture, and has been practicing Architecture and Structural engineering for more than thirty years. His broad experience in both fields creates a unique bridge in design that is evident in a multitude of both commercial and residential projects. Hugh brings to our company a keen eye for design detail and a working knowledge of construction. He endeavors to consistently stay abreast of the ever-changing market of design materials and methodologies. He remains especially dedicated to "green" building trends and offers their integration into projects whenever feasible. Hugh’s strong project management skills create a productive communication environment between our diverse clientele and field of professional consultants. His personal and professional ethics contribute to the Streeter Groups strong commitment to excellence.
Chad Taylor, Civil and Structural Engineer
Chad graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Studies and later earned his Masters degree in Civil Engineering with a Structural emphasis at San Jose State University. Chad has over twelve years of experience working on a wide variety of both commercial and residential projects. He brings to the Streeter Group team a strong knowledge of engineering design, exceptional computer and CAD skills, and the ability to efficiently trouble shoot complex engineering projects. Chad’s friendly, efficient demeanor is a catalyst for success, maintaining great rapport with all of our clients.