Streeter Group, Inc., Architecture, Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering: Roller Coasters

Streeter Group, Inc. (SGI) has been responsible for designing the structural integrity of many wooden roller coasters nation-wide. The engineering of these involve the analysis of the primary structural systems, including precise detailing of bent structures, supporting foundations, and track. The overall design concepts of these dynamic coasters come from the genius of Great Coasters International, Inc. Their promise is to "build the highest quality wooden coasters in the world". The Streeter Group takes pride in being a part of this dynamic design team. Every roller coaster is distinctly unique, each posing its own set of engineering challenges. The engineers at Streeter Group Inc. meet these challenges with experience and ingenuity. They provide sound, safe structural design of the highest standard.

California's Great America, Santa Clara, CA
Mountain Flyer
Knight Valley, Shenzhen, China
Lightning Racer
Hershey Park, Hershey, PA
Roar East
Six Flags America, Largo, MD
Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN
Ozark Wildcat
Celebration City, Branson, MO
Roar West
Six Flags Marine World, Vallejo, CA
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL